The LWC is a movement of ILA members and retirees organizing to build a stronger and more democratic longshore union.


NY/NJ Port Contract Handout from Tampa

Copy of Official ILA PPT presentation sent to Locals

Master Contract Handout from Tampa

Pensions and the ILA tenative agreement

Bargaining Update Bulletin

Bargaining Begins, Questions Remain

ILA Proposals

Organizing to Win

Fears of Exploding Containers Close Ports

Longview Longshore Workers Fight Back

Three Longshoremen Die in less than two weeks

Third ILA Member Killed This Year


NY-NJ Maintenance Strike Called Off

Two ILA members die on the job in past month


LWC MEETING Baltimore / Nov. 5th & 6th

Pickets Return to Phily, Negotiations with USMX ILA

Port Manatee workers support Philadelphia ILA

Port of NY Shut down: Rank and file stop work in sympathy with Philadelphia

Del Monte Danger in Philadelphia - ILA 1291 Reaches Out

Automation Deal in Jacksonville - Less ILA Jobs

Two drivers killed at work in Houston terminal within space of few months; what we need to do to prevent further deaths

Women at Houston Port Win a Round in Potty Wars

LWC Support for Locked-Out Port of Montreal Workers

SAGCD Conventions Every Four Years?

Another tragic death of an ILA member

Repression Against the Costa Rica Longshore Union

Internationalism, Solidarity & Fightback

VIEWPOINT: Protect Our Jobs and the Environment

Election Victory in Lake Charles Local

REGISTER NOW! LWC Membership Meeting & 10th Anniversary Commemoration: June 10-12, 2010

Women dockworkers in Africa: “We’re Not Tokens”

Longshore Workers’ Coalition News Update * February 5, 2010

ILA Deaths in Norfolk & New York; Safe Workplaces?

LWC Featured: Using Texts as Organizing Tool

Contract Vote Report: LWC Statement & Results

ILA’s Own Study on Industry Runs Counter to Their Yes Vote Campaign?

Longshore Contract: Peter Robbed, Paul Paid, Reformers Regroup

Longshore No Show: What ILA Members Wanted to Ask Hughes On Video

Read What ILA Members & Local Officers Are Saying About the Contract

Vote No = Send ILA & USMX Back to the Bargaining Table!

Know Your Rights: every vote should count on 11/17

*URGENT* Special contract newsletter!

Other workers are saying NO to contract givebacks!

Hughes Cancels Open Discussion on the Contract

Hey USMX: Hands Off Our Cookie Jar! It’s Time to Stop This Game!

LWC contract extension “top pay, no delay!” stickers–ORDER NOW!!!

Another website on the contract extension proposal

VOTE NO on Contract Extension Proposal on 11/17 *We Need More Than Talk, We Need Action!*

It’s Your Contract, Get the Facts! What USMX and ILA Aren’t Telling You

Worried about a fair contract vote on 11/17? We are.

Deal Improves But Still No Real Wage Bridge. LWC Opposes Deal


Hands Off October 1 Raise! USMX Informs All Employers Not to Pay Raise

Wage Scale Committee Rejects Contract Proposal Early Negotiations Canceled / Master Contract Bargaining Update #6 * Sept. 3, 2009

October 1 Wage Increase at Risk Again? * Master Contract Bargaining Update #7, September 22, 2009 *

Wage Scale Delegate Subcommittees Reject Wage Freeze and Early Negotiations. Vote Today by Full Committee

Contract Extension Proposal Exposed; Get Secret Contract Details Here

LWC Pickets ILA E-Board Meeting; Hughes Shuts It Down After 15 Mins.

Hughes Tries to Railroad Contract Extension / Master Contract Bargaining Update #5 * 8/21/09

Wed Aug 26 at 9am: LWC is Organizing Action at ILA Executive Board Meeting–DETAILS HERE!

Liderazgo de ILA Retracta su Promesa de Negociaciones Abiertas

ILA Leadership Goes Back on Promise of Open Negotiations; Time for Member Action!

LWC Member Quoted in the Media

Report: Security Screening Process Flawed, Leaves Dockworkers Jobless

Longshore Workers in Port of Lisbon/Portugal On Strike!

Register now for the LWC Quarterly Membership Meeting in Houston, June 4-6

Pier Pressure Spring Issue Preview: President Richard Hughes took home $1.23 million in 2008

LWC in Labor Notes Magazine: “Rank-and-File Dockworkers Hit the Road, Hold Port ‘Unity Tour’ as Bargaining Begins”

Next LWC Meeting, June 4-6, 2009: Houston, Texas

LWC Founds Women’s Vision Group

Longshore workers care about our public seas!

LWC Meets to Plan Contract Mobilization

USMX Proposes Deep Cuts in Master Contract: Bargaining Update #3 (February 12,2009)

“Postpone Negotiations!”: Master Contract Bargaining Update #1 (January 6, 2009)

LWC News: August - December 2008

LWC Members Win Office in Houston & Charleston

Deep-Sea Negotiations–Next Steps!

Is your local sending delegates to the Wage Scale Committee?

LWC Key Contract Issues & Organize to Have a Voice at the Bargaining Table!

LWC to meet in Mobile, AL: Sept 26-27, 2008

Cranes Destroyed in Jacksonville, No One Hurt

LWC to Meet in Tampa, FL


Feds Refile Civil RICO Case Against ILA

Members Vote Out Union President who Defended Master Contract

Join the LWC in Charleston, SC Nov. 9th & 10th

LWC sets ILA negotiating agenda at Convention

What Will It Take to Win Justice in 2010?

No Democracy

LWC nominates member in Protest of Election Process

Mismanagement of union funds

No Mob Rule – No Government Rule

Bridge wages and benefits or see the ILA decline

Convention Conflict – Hold your delegates accountable

ILA Master Contract, are you ready? Your employer is…

MILA Mayhem, Manipulation and Mismanagement

Master Contracts, Another ILA First, Thanks to the LWC