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A 21st Century ILA: Blueprint For A Strong Union

A blueprint for transformation

Useful Links


Useful Links

Books on Labor


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Explanations of important issues relevant to our work

20% NOW - The Inflation Crisis

We've lost 20% of our wage in 10 years.

The annual dues vacuum awards aka The Hoovers

LWC Hoover Dues Vacuum Awards. Where we list the excessive and multiple salaries and name the names:) The Hoovers are awarded every May Day.

Get advice

Get advice from the troublemaker on how to stand up for yourself and your co-workers.

The truth about inflation


"Maersk, the second-largest shipping conglomerate, saw its operating costs increase from $33.1 billion in 2019 to $37.7 billion in 2021. But that increase does not explain a massive increase in revenues, which increased from $38.9 billion to $61.8 billion. Its profits increased from essentially zero to $18 billion. The combined profits of Maersk and two other large shipping companies — CMA-CGM and Hapag-Lloyd — increased from $155 million in 2019 to $46.6 billion in 2021. Across the shipping industry, profits were up over 200%."


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